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10. January 2018

Tightness control for refrigeration systems

Tightness controls for refrigeration systems with fluorinated refrigerants

Tightness checks according to EU Regulation No. 517/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council

Operators of refrigeration systems containing fluorinated refrigerants of more than 5t CO 2 equivalent or more must ensure that the refrigeration system is regularly checked for leaks. 

Hermetically sealed equipment (such as plug-in refrigerators or refrigerators) containing fluorinated refrigerants less than 10t CO2equivalent shall be excluded from this regulation if they are marked as hermetically sealed.


Which refrigeration systems are affected:

  • stationary refrigeration systems
  • fixed air conditioners
  • stationary heat pumps
  • Refrigeration systems in refrigerated trucks and trailers


Which intervals have to be observed for leak tightness checks?

Intervalle Dichtheitskontrollen


Leak detection system

Operators of fixed refrigeration systems, air conditioning units and heat pumps containing fluorinated refrigerants in quantities of 500t CO 2 equivalent or more shall ensure that the system is equipped with a leak detection system that warns the operator or service provider of any leakage. 

These leakage detection systems must be inspected at least once every 12 months to ensure proper function. 


Keeping records (attachments log book)

Operators of refrigeration systems for which a leakage test is prescribed according to the filling quantity must keep records (system logbook) for each individual refrigeration system containing the following information:


attachments log book




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