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Post unlimited products and receive inquiries
Describe services with industry-specific categories and filters, map display with proximity search
Publish know-how articles and increase visibility of cold.world
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ACTION: Publish training and internship job ads
ACTION: 30 days linking of products, service or job ads with know-how contributions
2.340 €
1.188 € / Year
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195 € / Month
For manufacturers, service providers and operators
Advertise where the industry reads
Assign a job ad to up to 3 locations
Place ads for your NEW region, independent of location
Map display with radius search
Flexibly exchange job ads Use annual price advantage
ACTION: 2 ads always online
Price Performance
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Ranking content and increase visibility
Link products, services or job ads with frequently read know-how articles
Book banners as sliders: Global, in categories, in know-how posts or individually
Advertise additional job ads
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Present Your Company
Post job ad
Individual Presentation
1.188 €
By Request
Company profile

Describe your company and what you specialize in in free text. Max. 800 characters. For a detailed description, you can also upload image brochures under Downloads.

Logo on home page

Your company logo placed on the cold.world homepage. If more than 12 companies publish their logos here, they appear in a slider.

PDF Product Brochures
Individually Contact Data

Email and phone number can be placed individually. Default value - e-mail and phone number from the basic data of the registration

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Your product is listed above the other products in the product category.


Your services around the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation industry with specialization and focuses. You profit from the reach of the cw website just like big companies and do not need to have your own website.


The categories, filters and the search on cw are based on typical terms and designations of the industry.


Operators, fitters, planners and trainees are looking for information and assistance in their daily business online. Cold.world ranks number one on popular search engines. Use our SEO and benefit from our reach.

Number of Articles

Cold.world users and visitors are part of the industry. What could be more obvious than to find your new employee on cold.world!

Training Positions
Internship Positions
Number of Job Advertisements
Number of Branches

Your job ad is listed in the job category above the other products.

Number of Articles

If you want to publish more than 1 news, book additional ones.

Number of Company Brochures

Upload image / company brochures or certificates. This is how you complete the company description. Please do not upload any product catalogs here. Product brochures can also be attached to each published product.


How can you expand your visibility?

There are many possibilities on cold.world you can use free of charge. 
By placing your content at the right places you will increase your visibility!

The main share of our users visits cold.world via know-how. Engineers, planners and operators have a technical problem or are looking for a spare part for their system or the right service. 

Link your product, service or job ad to the relevant knowledge articles. 
Post job ads or put your own products on the top of the respective category. 

Use the full potential of cold.world. Contact us via contact form or by phone.

We will discuss all necessary details for an individual offer.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does an entry on cold.world cost me?

It depends. We offer three variants, from free of charge to an individual package. 
Your options are listed in Our Services.

Why is my know-how contribution not online yet?

We check all the content of the know-how contributions ourselves. If the content is not suitable for this area, we will contact you. Depending on the volume, the publication may take a certain some time.

Can I buy products on cold.world?

No. cold.world is a portal where products are advertised by the manufacturers themselves. Contact details are stored for each product, which you can call up.

How long is my job advertisement online?

You determine the display duration by yourself. In your dashboard, you can independently activate or deactivate job ads. A special feature is the validity of the booked package. If the performance period of the job ad expires, they are automatically deactivated and are no longer visible. Extend the performance period and their ads can be activated again.

Test advertising features for 30 days!

Advertising space in Know-How articles can be tested for 30 days before they are automatically booked for a minimum period of 6 months.

Can I book additional advertising space?

Cold.world offers many additional options throughout the website.
The positions and prices are listed within our media data.
You are also welcome to contact us personally and we will talk you through additional advertising options.

What payment methods do we offer?

For the time being, we only offer the payment method ""Purchase on account"". The invoice is automatically sent to the stored E-mail address, as a PDF document.
If your company does not accept this payment method, please contact us personally.

Why is my current product image not displayed

Depending on the browser used, you must clear the browser cache. The updated images should now be visible.
On the dashboard, we provide a preview before publishing content. Make sure all content and images have been uploaded before clicking "Publish". Now there should be no further problems with your browser cache.

Do you have further questions

Call us on +49(0)30 549092283 or send an email to info@cold.world.
We will process your request.

Further questions? Contact us!