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Whether it's an air conditioner, heat pump, beer counter or ventilation system in the office building, as soon as it has to get cold, a refrigeration system is necessary.
For every application, there is a specialist with a solution for your specific problem and preferably in your area.
Find your refrigeration system builder, energy consultant, wholesaler, planning office, rental refrigeration and much more. Everything to do with refrigeration technology, air conditioning technology, gastro technology and ventilation technology. The right category with useful filters tailored to your industry, helps to find the right contact in your trade.

With the area search or the branch-typical category, you can find a specialist locally or internationally.
You can also use the contact form to send a specific inquiry or recommendation to the right company. aims to provide you with the proper specialists as quickly as possible.
Because a maintenance backlog or failure of a refrigeration system should be avoided if possible.

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