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Is refrigerant environmentally harmful or toxic?
DIN EN 378, F-Gas Regulation, PFAS - The awareness of the environment and its damage by chemicals ensures permanent adjustments in the handling of refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
The refrigerant condenser
In the refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant releases its heat in the condenser. Different designs and systems are used in everyday life.
Sight glasses in refrigeration systems
Sight glasses provide important information on the condition of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
How do you calculate the cooling capacity?
The cooling capacity is calculated by changing the energy transferred in the cooling process.
In general, no two different heat transfer media may be mixed with each other. Only when mixing with water can full frost and corrosion protection still be guaranteed.
Refrigeration optimization and production planning according to electricity spot price
Use AI to optimize refrigeration, reduce electricity consumption by continuously calculating system mass and energy balance to control set points.

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