VDE The refrigeration system construction

IKET GmbH (Ed.) Breidenbach, Karl; Breidenbach, Marcus; Hainbach, Christian; Taxer, Rolf The refrigeration plant construction Band 1: Grundwissen für Mechatroniker für Kältetechnik

The "Breidenbach", as the industry calls this standard textbook for mechatronics engineers for refrigeration system technology and refrigeration system builders, provides a very clear introduction to the field of refrigeration system technology with numerous illustrations, examples and exercises. Due to the methodically well thought-out structure, the book is very well suited for independent study. The extensively commented solutions to the exercises help to understand the connections better and to deepen the learning content. The 7th edition was updated as part of the technical innovations and adapted to the latest regulations.

Volume 1 includes:

  • Physical basics
  • Formulas and units in refrigeration systems
  • Thermal theory
  • Main parts of a refrigeration system
  • Refrigerant, refrigerant circuit
  • Practical representation of the cooling processes
  • Calculation bases for components of the refrigeration system
  • Extensive tables on refrigerants, refrigerated goods, etc.

Volumes 1 and 2 together cover the entire learning material for the subject-related training to become a mechatronics technician for refrigeration system technology and a master refrigeration system engineer and can be used in school as well as in company training and further education.

The authors: Dipl.-Ing. Karl Breidenbach(†) was a master refrigeration system builder, director and lecturer at the federal college for refrigeration and air conditioning technology and a publicly appointed and sworn expert for refrigeration technology. His son Marcus Breidenbach is an expert for refrigeration systems at IKET GmbH. Rolf Taxer is a master refrigeration system engineer and owner of a refrigeration and air conditioning specialist company. He is also a publicly appointed expert and lecturer for master craftsman training. The editors: Dipl .-Ing. Norbert Krug is managing director and expert for refrigeration systems at IKET GmbH, before that he was head of the refrigeration test centers at RWTÜV in Essen for many years. He is the editor and author of numerous specialist books and publications and a member of standards committees and specialist groups. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hainbach is Managing Director Technology and expert for refrigeration systems at IKET GmbH. He has been a member of the Refrigeration Technology Standards Committee since 1988.


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Refrigeration system builders/mechatronics technicians for refrigeration technology, refrigeration system builders and technicians in training and further education, specialist engineers and students of technical disciplines



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