VDE implementation of energetic inspections on refrigeration systems

Federal Guild Association of German Refrigeration Plant Builders - BIV (ed.) Gringel, Meinolf; Migaczewski, André Carrying out energetic inspections on refrigeration systems A guideline according to §12 EnEV 2014

Based on an easy-to-understand description of the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance), the practical implementation of an energetic inspection of refrigeration systems is explained using flow charts and checklists DIN standards mentioned therein, VDI guidelines and VDMA standard sheets. These guidelines also specify extended measures to increase the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems that go beyond these standards. Important data can be logged directly in the specified checklists, which are available for download together with other help sheets.

The BIV is the umbrella organization of the German state guilds for refrigeration and air conditioning technology.Dr.-Ing. Meinolf Gringel is head of the test center for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating technology, expert and consulting engineer for refrigeration, air conditioning and energy technology at DMT GmbH in Essen. He is a member of various working groups and the DIN standards committee for refrigeration technology.André Migaczewski is a technical editor at Technical Concept GmbH in Dortmund and is studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Bochum.

Group of interested parties:

Refrigeration system builders, technicians and engineers who carry out energetic inspections on refrigeration systems, operators of refrigeration systems



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