VDE formulas, tables and diagrams for refrigeration system technology

Breidert, Hans-Joachim; Schittenhelm, Dietmar; Hoffmann, Michael Formulas, tables and diagrams for refrigeration systems

The physical basics of thermodynamics, flow theory, acoustics and electrical and control engineering required for project planning of refrigeration systems are clearly arranged in this collection of formulas. The data, tables, diagrams and calculation formulas are arranged thematically and component-specifically. A detailed overview of important symbols helps with the standard-compliant drawing of systems. This collection of formulas is the ideal supplement to the usual textbooks and specialist books because it enables quick and easy access to basic content from the subject area. The 6th edition has been updated brought up to date with the technology and in particular the refrigerants chapter has been adapted to the specifications of the F-Gas Ordinance and the current log p, h diagrams have been inserted. It has been expanded to include the current carrying capacity of lines and cables. The book of tables was also supplemented by the chapter on electrical protective measures. The focus is on automatic switch-off in TN and TT systems and insulation measurement.


Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing., Dipl.-Kfm. Hans-Joachim Breidert was a lecturer in refrigeration and air conditioning system technology at the federal college for refrigeration and air conditioning in Maintal. As the owner of a medium-sized refrigeration and air conditioning specialist company, he is familiar with the planning and implementation of larger refrigeration projects in trade and industry. He is the author of framework syllabuses and curricula for vocational schools and author of the book "Projecting of refrigeration systems". Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Schittenhelm (†) was a lecturer at the federal technical school for refrigeration and air conditioning technology in Maintal from 1986 to 2012 and has been its headmaster since 1991 He was co-author of framework curricula for vocational schools in Hesse for the subjects measurement, control and regulation technology and author of the book "Kälteanlagentechnik".Dipl.-Ing.


Group of interested parties:

Apprentices in the refrigeration system builder trade, master refrigeration system builders, technicians as well as engineers and planners from the private and public sectors