VDE Verlag Basic course in refrigeration technology

Veith, Heinz; Schmidt, Dieter Basic refrigeration course

This book is now in its 11th edition. It covers the fundamentals of the physics and thermodynamics of the refrigeration process. Based on this, the main parts of the refrigeration system and their functional relationships as well as the piping system and the refrigerants are presented. The text, which is designed with numerous illustrations, was used in many training courses and courses and has therefore been tried and tested. The book is an excellent study aid, which is particularly suitable for self-study, since each chapter concludes with a collection of problems, the solutions to which are given at the end of the book.

Due to the step-by-step introduction to the field of refrigeration technology, the book is not only suitable for (prospective) mechatronics technicians for refrigeration technology. In particular, it is also intended for those companies that want to turn to the growing field of air conditioning, such. B. Companies in the heating, ventilation and electrical industry.

The 11th edition was completely revised in terms of didactics and content and expanded to include the presentation of the essential parameters of the refrigeration process and considerations of possible faults.


Heinz Veith (†) worked in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry for over 40 years. In addition to his duties as a product manager and authorized signatory, he also devoted himself to training and further education in the field of refrigeration technology. He was the author of numerous technical papers and training documents.

The thorough revision was undertaken by Dieter Schmidt, deputy headmaster of the vocational schools in Springe. He teaches trainees in the refrigeration system construction trade and is a member of the journeyman examination committee of the state guild of Lower Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt as well as the author of other textbooks and specialist books.

Group of interested parties:

Apprentices in the refrigeration system construction trade as well as journeymen, foremen, technicians and planners in the field of refrigeration system technology, companies in the heating, ventilation and electrical industry


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