VDE Refrigeration technology

Schittenhelm, Dietmar; Hoffman, Michael Refrigeration technology Electrical and control engineering

This textbook and specialist book, which has been in use for many years, conveys the necessary knowledge about the use of electrical and control technology in refrigeration system technology - from the general basics to specific applications. In order to be able to assess the use and function of electrical and electronic components, the basics of electrical engineering, related to the application in refrigeration system construction, are presented in the first part of this book. It is based on the existing framework curricula for training and further education in refrigeration system construction. The application of the basic knowledge is illustrated using practical examples. The second part of the work deals with control technology in refrigeration system construction. In particular, the ability to develop controls for refrigeration systems and to present them in accordance with standards is conveyed. Another focus is reading and assessing refrigeration controls: Starting with basic circuits, the reader is able to configure, read and assess controls with more complex boundary conditions.

In this 7th, newly edited and expanded edition, numerous relationships, calculations, examples and illustrations have been adapted to reflect current technical developments and brought up to date. The topics of EC motors, frequency converters and protective measures in electrical systems have been added.

Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Schittenhelm (†) was a lecturer at the federal technical school for refrigeration and air conditioning technology in Maintal from 1986 to 2012 and has been its headmaster since 1991. Since the 6th edition, this work has been edited by Dipl.-Ing. Michael Hoffmann, Headmaster at the Federal College for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology in Niedersachswerfen, revised and expanded.


Group of interested parties:

Trainees as mechatronics technicians for refrigeration technology, refrigeration system builders, technicians, engineers and planners



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