Lexicon refrigeration technology

IKET GmbH (Ed.) Schmidt, Dieter

Different industries often use different terms as synonyms for terms from refrigeration technology, which, however, have different meanings. In addition, the large number of applications and areas of application in refrigeration technology is reflected in the same abundance of specialist literature. The lexicon provides an overview of the variety of refrigeration technology, its applications and components and related areas of air conditioning. In around 1600 keywords, the author gives a compact and practical description of the theoretical basics of refrigeration, refrigerants and system technology. The aim is not only to give engineers, technicians and craftsmen from Refrigeration technology assistance in the use of technical terms, but also to make it easier for laypeople such as business people, legal scholars and experts from other engineering sciences to deal with these terms. The 4th edition has been updated to reflect the current status of the Technology updated and new keywords added.


Dieter Schmidt teaches trainees in the refrigeration system construction trade at the vocational schools in Springe. He studied mechanical engineering, German and vocational education for teaching at vocational schools at the Technical University of Hanover. He is a member of the journeyman examination committee of the Lower Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt refrigeration system builders' guild and author and editor of the two-volume educational work "Refrigeration system technology in questions and answers". Publisher: Dipl.-Ing.Norbert Krug is Managing Director of IKET GmbH, before that he was head of the refrigeration test center at RWTÜV in Essen for many years.He is the author of numerous specialist books and publications and a member of standards committees and specialist groups.As a lecturer He teaches refrigeration technology at the TH Cologne and is a lecturer for energy contracting at the University of Koblenz/Landau. Dr. Christian Hainbach is Managing Director Technology at IKET GmbH was a research associate at the Institute for Applied Thermodynamics and Air Conditioning at the University of Essen.He has been a member of the Refrigeration Standards Committee since 1988 and was a lecturer for heating from 1999 to 2007 engineering, ventilation and refrigeration technology at the University of Essen.


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Mechatronics engineers for refrigeration technology, refrigeration technicians, refrigeration technology planners, ventilation engineers, TGA planners, service and maintenance providers, plant operators, consultants, refrigeration and air conditioning technicians, supply engineering students


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