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BAC Balticare VCL Evaporative Condensers

VCL characteristics: counterflow, centrifugal fan, pressure principle

Low altitude

  • Very low height : fits perfectly on  roofs  or in tight spaces.

Hassle-free installation

  • VCL evaporative condensers are factory assembled. We supply them as  one piece  for  hassle free lifting and setting up on site .

  • VCL offers high performance and minimal operating weight. Safe on steel substructure , both under the unit and in the building itself for roof installations.

  • Air intake from one side enables installation next to  solid walls .

  • Devices can be placed indoors thanks to radial fans that allow supply air and exhaust air duct   system.

Ideal for quiet operation.

  • VCL devices contain  quiet internal centrifugal fans  for minimal ambient noise.

  • One-sided air intake and a  quieter condenser rear  for more noise-sensitive areas.

  • Reduce operating noise even further with factory designed and tested  mufflers  or water silencers.

Reliable operation all year round

  • Various corrosion  -resistant materials, for example the unique Baltibond hybrid coating  for guaranteed long life.

  • Optional  Baltiguard drive system  for energy saving and less noise at low loads (at night). A perfect standby system in case of an engine failure.

  • Optional finned coil  with steel fins for  dry operation


VCL properties

  • Counterflow, radial fan, pressure principle

  • Tube bundle design according to PED 2014/68/EU

power range

180 - 1380 kW (for single cell models, nominal R22 kW)

Typical applications

  • Limited height

  • Tight spaces and installations requiring a single air intake

  • indoor installations

  • Noise critical setups

  • Dry operation in winter



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  • Construction features
  • Options and Accessories
  • Technical specifications

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