BAC Baltimore Balticare GmbH


Power range 250 - 2000 kW

Main Benefits

  • Greatest adiabatic performance
  • Highest degree of redundancy
  • Unparalleled reliability

Greatest adiabatic performance

  • TrilliumSeries TVFC cooling units offer maximum thermal performance per m² of floor space with optimal air distribution via V-shaped tube bundles with maximum heat exchange surface.
  • TrilliumSeries TVFC chillers can be fitted with shell and tube freeze protection, allowing operation with pure water as the process fluid, offering on average 8% better performance than comparable systems using glycol solution.
  • Lowest system pump motor power due to low hydraulic tube bundle pressure drop for optimal system efficiency .
  • Synchronous EC motors with IE4+ efficiency; variable speed control for maximum system efficiency .

Highest degree of redundancy

  • TrilliumSeries TVFC cooling units have a larger number of fans that provide an unprecedented level of reserve power .
  • Optional internal baffles create individual air intake ducts for each fan, resulting in the elimination of thermal performance losses due to air bypassing the coil via an idle fan.
  • The optional pre-cooler pump recirculation system with guaranteed adiabatic reserve (patent pending) in the event of pump failure.
  • Optimal controls guarantee full performance even if control or communication is lost.

Unparalleled reliability

  • BAC's TrilliumSeries TVFC coolers come with structural members complete with Baltibond Hybrid Coating, a coating proven in evaporative cooling units. Designed for harsh conditions, it offers the same reliable life expectancy as 304L stainless steel.
  • All critical components are on the outside, allowing easy access at all times .
    • Fan motors can be replaced in a completely safe manner for both the affected technician and the device . Any risk of damage to critical components such as heat exchangers and floor pans is eliminated.
    • Pump maintenance is possible during adiabatic operation .
  • Small motors and fans that allow for hassle -free handling during replacement.
  • Special abrasion resistant protection on the pads to ensure longevity in harsh conditions.
  • Epoxy coating (optional) on the coil fins increases resistance to humid environments, high chloride levels and other corrosives.

water saving

  • TrilliumSeries cooling units achieve annual water savings of over 90% water compared to standard cooling towers through limited adiabatic operation.

Excellent hygiene control

  • No aerosol formation: TrilliumSeries cooling units minimize the risk of legionella .
  • TrilliumSeries Coolers cool incoming air without transferring the air to the dry coil .
  • No constantly wet parts: All parts that come into contact with water are completely drainable , no water remains in the device during dry operation. 

Plug and play with factory preset custom controls

  • Proven controls that have been running for over a decade.
  • All site specific parameters are factory set and tested before the unit is shipped.
  • 8 control strategies allow you to optimize the chiller for your specific needs .