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The LU-VE Group is a combination of experience, tradition, looking to the future and innovative strength.

The LU-VE Group builds on the principle that a company primarily consists of men, women and ideas. People with many years of experience, young people with creative talent and enthusiasm, professionals with a high academic level - all united by a passion for their work and the vision of a world in which life is better, more progressive and more conscious.

LU-VE has developed a new way of designing and building refrigeration and air conditioning products using the latest technology. This is now a constant point of reference for the entire industry.

The LU-VE Group is an international reality (with headquarters and main plant in Uboldo, Varese) and is made up of 10 production companies

The LU-VE Group also includes 13 sales offices based in Australia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Hong Kong, India, Austria, Poland (Gliwicach and Warsaw), Russia, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom. A network of skills - experts, technicians and professionals - at the service of customers and to satisfy their individual needs.


The future of LU-VE has an ancient heart.

It has its roots in Contardo, which has always been at the forefront of technical developments.

LU-VE SpA acquired Contardo in 1986, inheriting its tradition and reintroducing the policy of research, development, technical innovation and environmental awareness. The group distinguishes itself on the market and sets itself apart thanks to the high quality standards of the products, the new solutions researched in its own laboratories and the particular attention to design.

Today LU-VE is one of the European industry leaders and the companies of the group are active in areas that are important for the quality of life of each one of us:

the “cold chain” that enables the refrigeration, freezing and preservation of food: from harvest and production to our homes;

preservation and cooling for refrigerated cabinets and vending machines

the precise air conditioning for sensitive rooms such as operating theaters, clean rooms, data centers and for telephone technology

the air conditioning of means of transport.

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LU-VE Deutschland GmbH

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70597 Stuttgart

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LU-VE Deutschland GmbH

Bruno-Jacoby-Weg 10
70597 Stuttgart