BAC Balticare FXVS cooling tower

Power range up to 1895 kW

Main Benefits

  • Star in energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance and hassle free inspection
  • Unprecedented hygiene control

Star in energy efficiency

  • Evaporative cooling PLUS unique combined heat transfer system for minimal system-wide energy consumption. This patented BAC multi-flow design ensures unprecedented efficient thermal performance with the lowest possible energy consumption.
  • Axial fans require half the energy of similar centrifugal fan units.
  • BACross II fills are factory configured for unparalleled water/air contact and minimal airside pressure drop. Guaranteed optimum cooling tower efficiency .
  • Highly efficient fan motors.

Low maintenance and hassle free inspection

  • Inspect and maintain towers with unprecedented comfort and safety while standing inside .
  • The FXVS has a spacious service channel (internal area) and provides easy access for inspection/service .
  • Access via large hinged door to optional internal walkway : no need to drain a tank to inspect the unit internally.
  • Inspection of the water distribution system (spray arms and nozzles) outside the unit, possible during operation .
  • Easy to inspect tube bundles during operation from the outside or from the inside via removable mist eliminator modules .
  • Easy to inspect packing from inside or outside via removable, combined air inlet protection elements .
  • The patented Bacross II fill sheet steel plates reduce fouling and are telescopically supported, allowing complete fill inspection without disassembly.
  • Self-cleaning cold water basin and fill above sloping basin to flush out dirt and debris.
  • Fans are easily accessible from inside and outside .
  • Optional cleanout port helps remove silt and sludge from cooling tower basin.
  • Removable suction strainer with anti-turbulence hood.
  • Fresh water and overflow easily accessible for inspection and cleaning .

Unprecedented hygiene control

  • Easy to clean and easy to inspect FXVS towers reduce hygiene risks due to bacteria (e.g. legionella) or biofilm inside.
  • The patented Bacross II fill sheet steel plates reduce fouling and are telescopically supported, allowing for complete fill inspection AND cleaning without disassembly.
  • Combined air intake shields block sunlight to prevent biological growth inside the tower, filter the air and prevent water from splashing outside. 
  • The highly efficient droplet eliminators prevent droplets from becoming airborne. Their performance is certified and tested by Eurovent.
  • Optional cleanout port helps remove silt and sludge from cooling tower basin. 
  • Optional sump suction prevents accumulation of sediment in the cold water basin.

Reliable performance all year round

  • The thermal performance of the FXVS cooling towers is tested and certified by CTI-Eurovent .
  • Unique and patented heat transfer system: with multi-flow via heat exchanger coil and packing for temperature fine-tuning applications and thermal challenges.
  • Motor system and multiple fans ensure independent operation of fan motor and drive assembly per fan. For additional power regulation or as a standby fan in the event of a fan failure.
  • Various corrosion -resistant materials, for example the unique Baltibond hybrid coating for guaranteed long life.
  • One-sided air inlet and outlet fits most installation conditions.

Ultra-quiet construction

  • FXVS units incorporate low- noise axial fans for minimal ambient noise. To reduce the noise even further, you should opt for whisper-quiet fans.
  • Factory engineered, tested and dimensioned sound attenuation is available at the air intake to further reduce operating noise.
  • One-sided air intake and a quieter tower rear for more noise-sensitive areas.
  • BACross II fill guides the water calmly and without splashing noise to the pool.

Inexpensive installation

  • FXVS cooling towers are factory assembled and shipped in sections on larger models to reduce overall size and weight and allow for easy on-site assembly of sections with a smaller crane.


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