Laws and Regulations
11. January 2018

CO2 Äquivalent

For fluorinated refrigerants

Explanation of CO2 equivalent for fluorinated refrigerants according to EU Regulation No.517 / 2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council


"Tonnes of CO2 equivalents" is the amount of refrigerant, expressed as the product of the mass (plant load) in tonnes [t] and its global warming potential ( GWP )


Example for calculation

Refrigerant HFC R134a with a GWP value of 1430

System capacity of the refrigeration system = 0.09t (90kg) 


  • CO2 equivalent = GWP x refrigerant charge
  • CO2 equivalent = 1430 x 0.09t 
  • CO2 equivalent = 128.7t


The CO2 equivalent of eg an average supermarket refrigeration system is thus 128t .


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