RHOSS Deutschland GmbH

RHOSS FullFLOW 300-1700 kW screw compressor liquid cooler+WP(h)

Cooling capacity range screw 300-1700 kW

FullFLOW-VFD, -1+i, -Eco, -DX

Cooling capacity range 300-1700 kW

Water-cooled liquid coolers and hydraulically switchable heat pumps with twin-rotor screw compressors for indoor installation

  • Revolutionary drive technology with electronically commutated motor (VFD, 1+i)
  • Refrigerant R1234ze HFO (A2L) or R513A
  • Energy efficient operation due to low pressure ratio
  • exemplary part-load efficiency through stepless speed modulation, flooded evaporation (spray), large heat transfer surfaces
  • high temperature version
  • Version with integrated control for free cooling via dry cooler
  • High availability
  • Stepless power adjustment
  • variable primary volumetric flow control (VPF_R )
  • Various interface protocols for data bus connection to the GA
  • Extensive accessories available


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