AWE - BW service water - heat pump

Shut down oil, gas and pellet heating in summer and save on energy costs


Shut down oil, gas and pellet heating in summer and save on energy costs

With an AWE heat pump, you can lower your operating costs for hot water generation to the lowest level and your main heating stays off from around April to September. Features »    Active cathodic corrosion protection through the patented ACI-Hybridsystem® »    ACI-Hybridsystem® - no more maintenance of the anode necessary! »    1.8 kW steatite additional heating element - no calcification possible! »    Additional heat exchanger (1.2 m2) for connecting further »     Energy producers (oil, gas, wood, solar) selectable »    Circulation connection »    Very quiet operation Smart control »    Smart PV Control - intelligent photovoltaic boost function with two interfaces »    Smart Auto Control – self-learning optimum temperature for each individual user profile »    Smart Control – selection of the most economical energy sources »    Smart Energy Control - precise energy consumption display »    Smart Remote Control – I/O Home Control for control with smartphone/tablet »    Smart KWL – fan function for controlled living space ventilation

Energy saving - very simple!

With an AWE service water heat pump, you can reduce your operating costs for hot water preparation to the lowest possible level. During the heating-free period, usually from April to September, your main heating system, such as oil, gas or pellets, is completely off and goes into hibernation. By avoiding having to start your main heating every day during the non-heating period, you save on expensive energy costs and contribute to a much longer service life for your main heating. The installation of a service water heat pump is flexible. It can easily be set up in a basement or storage room, for example.

Turn off the heating in summer, save on energy costs

By using an AWE service water heat pump, your heating (oil, gas, wood) stays off when there is no heating and goes into summer sleep. This not only saves you energy costs, but also protects your existing heating system. Your existing drinking water storage tank will be renewed by installing the service water heat pump at the same time! The AWE service water heat pumps are extremely robust, durable and easy to integrate into the existing house. Rotatable exhaust or intake ducts can draw in warm air and expel cold air wherever beneficial (see diagram).

Advantages at a glance

»    Up to 75% energy cost savings »    Safe hygiene thanks to legionella function »    Easy assembly and installation »    Plug-in devices »    Small space requirement and ceiling height due to rotatable     Air connection piece »    Can be easily combined with other heating systems »    Simultaneous air conditioning of other rooms possible »    Lying transport possible

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