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MAYEKAWA heat CO2m is a heat pump system

The MAYEKAWA heat CO2m is a heat pump system that produces hot water by recovering thermal energy from any waste heat source. It uses CO 2 , a natural refrigerant, instead of chemical refrigerants typically used in other heat pump systems.

The heat CO2m is MAYEKAWA's contribution to protecting the global environment. Generating heat with heat CO2m is a clean and safe process, the energy losses of this system are reduced to a minimum and no additional energy is required to generate the heat, ie no NO x or CO 2 gases are released released the atmosphere. The carbon footprint of all the heat is very small.

The heat CO2m is best suited for medium to large systems. It can efficiently produce high temperature hot water for industrial and commercial use. The heat CO2m can produce up to 22,000 l of hot water per day at an inlet temperature of 15 °C and an outlet temperature of 90 °C.

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