RHOSS Deutschland GmbH

RHOSS TurboPOWER 260-1100 kW Eco magnetically levitated liquid cooler

Cooling capacity range 260-1100 kW magnetically levitated turbo

TurboPOWER, -Eco

Cooling capacity range 260-1100 kW

Air-cooled compact liquid cooler with 2-stage, oil-free, magnetically levitated centrifugal turbo compressors for outdoor installation in different noise emission and energy efficiency classes

  • Refrigerant R1234ze HFO (A2L) or R134a
  • Exemplary part load efficiency through variable speed compressors and flooded evaporation (spray) and efficiency optimization
  • Version with integrated control for free cooling via optional free cooling module
  • Speed ​​control by pulse width modulation
  • Very good controllability through stepless power adjustment
  • variable primary volume flow control (VPF_R)
  • Various interface protocols for data bus connection to the GA
  • Integrated hydraulic modules and extensive accessories available