RHOSS Deutschland GmbH

RHOSS Y-Pack, Z-Power-FC 170-1100 kW Scroll/Screw Integrated Free Cooling

Cooling capacity range Scroll 170-320kW, Screw 400-1100 kW Free cooling

Y-Pack, Z-Power Free Cooling

Cooling capacity range 170-1200 kW


Compact liquid coolers with spiral or screw compressors for outdoor installation in different sound emission classes with an integrated system for using free cooling

  • Low refrigerant charge Scroll R410A or Screw R134a, R513A
  • High part-load efficiency thanks to the low pressure ratio and increasing proportion of free cooling as air temperatures drop (2 circuits with 2 to 4 compressors)
  • Very good controllability through 4 power levels (scroll) or stepless power adjustment (screw)
  • Various interface protocols for data bus connection to the GA
  • Integrated hydraulic modules and extensive accessories available