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MAYEKAWA Europe was founded in 1971 in Brussels, Belgium. Our company started with the sale and maintenance of airends and subsequently expanded its business to include the production, sale and maintenance of airends. In addition, there was the sale and maintenance of meat-processing machines, special refrigeration equipment and the production and sale of heat pumps.

MAYEKAWA uses the latest technologies, continuously expands its expertise in refrigeration technology and strives to constantly improve people's living standards.

MAYEKAWA Europe serves customers in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, India and Oceania. MAYEKAWA has offices in 14 countries.

The MAYEKAWA Europe manufacturing facility near Brussels International Airport produces units compliant with CE-PED, GOST and other standards. In addition, individually manufactured compressors and special systems for chemical plants are manufactured here.

MAYEKAWA Europe is one of the leading companies for refrigeration technology and compressors on the European market.

MAYEKAWA also manufactures a unique robot that has been successfully introduced in the meat processing industry. This innovative robotic system was developed on the basis of years of experience and features excellent sensor technology and a system that is excellent for processing meat. The development of this robot has significantly improved hygiene standards and food quality. In addition, this system allowed companies in the meat processing industry to maintain the level of their productivity even in times of labor shortages.



MAYEKAWA has been successfully active in the compressor industry for more than 80 years. During this time we have developed easy-to-use, high-quality and cost-effective heating and cooling technologies. MAYEKAWA has developed an extensive range of compressors to meet the diverse requirements - especially in refrigeration technology.

We have developed innovative gas compressors for specific applications with helium, hydrogen, steam, chlorine gas or hydrogen sulfide (without oxygen and acetylene).

MAYEKAWA constantly uses its experience from research and development to continuously improve its products.




heat pumps

MAYEKAWA Plus+HEAT is part of the MAYEKAWA NATURAL 5 product range. At the forefront of a new generation of energy-saving systems, it uses the MAYEKAWA N6HK high-pressure piston compressor (50barg) with the natural refrigerant NH3 (OPD & GWP=0).

The MAYEKAWA Plus+HEAT unit can produce hot water up to 85°C using various heat sources such as condensation heat from existing cooling systems, waste heat from industrial plants, renewable geothermal energy and others

The MAYEKAWA Plus+HEAT system contributes directly to reducing fossil fuel consumption and thus directly reduces CO2 emissions and operating costs. Using AC drives to optimize compressor operation allows for higher COPs and additional energy savings.

With its compact dimensions and small footprint, the design of the MAYEKAWA Plus+HEAT is very easy to maintain, so that on-site repair work can be reduced to a minimum.




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Mayekawa Deutschland GmbH

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Mayekawa Deutschland GmbH

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