MTA Aries G chiller air-cooled

Air-cooled chillers from the Aries G series meet the seasonal efficiency standards of the ERP directive (TIER 2) and work with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R454B (GWP 466).

Air-cooled chiller Aries G

Air-cooled chillers with low GWP refrigerant R454B; hermetic scroll compressors. Cooling capacities from 161 to 867 kW

Increase comfort, protect the environment The Aries G chillers represent a purposeful development and construction aimed at reducing the operating costs of air-cooled chilled water production; without compromising on reliability and environmental protection.

For chilled water air conditioning systems in noise-sensitive environments, options with soundproof hoods for the compressors, soundproof housing for the compressors and EC fans are available.

For special cooling water requirements in production, configurations for low water outlet temperatures down to -10 °C, stainless steel shell and tube evaporators, internal water storage tanks and pumps can be ordered.


  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R454B (GWP 466);
  • High SEPR HT values ​​in compliance with the requirements of the ERP directive (TIER 2, 01/01/2021 – basic version) and SEPR MT (TIER 2, 07/02/2018 for version water outlet down to -10°C);
  • Acoustic configurations SHE and SSN with reduced sound levels;
  • Wide application limits for commissioning and function, even under unfavorable operating conditions;
  • Wide range of accessories and kits for easy installation;
  • Easy access to all components;
  • Advanced electronic controller with integrated web server.

Standard equipment

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R454B;
  • 4 or 6 scroll compressors in 2 independent refrigeration circuits;
  • crankcase heating and phase monitoring;
  • shell and tube evaporator;
  • Victaulik connection kit for all models;
  • electronic expansion valves;
  • Axial fans with die-cast aluminum blades complete with protective grille;
  • control cabinet protection class IP54;
  • Electronic microprocessor controller with touch screen user display;
  • Refrigerant charge, oil charge and test run at factory;
  • Extensive factory checks and tests;
  • RS485 Modbus interface for connection to monitoring systems;
  • Master/slave configuration for controlling two systems.


  • MWT configuration for low leaving water temperatures down to -10°C;
  • Equipment for low ambient temperatures down to -20°C;
  • stainless steel shell and tube evaporator;
  • Single or double water pump (one in stand-by) with low or medium head;
  • water storage tank;
  • Antifreeze heater for evaporator, pump(s) and tank;
  • compressor shut-off valves;
  • Noise protection hoods for the compressors (basic equipment for SHE);
  • Soundproof housing for the tandem or trio compressors (basic equipment for SSN);
  • Highly efficient EC fans (basic equipment for SSN);
  • full heat recovery;
  • microchannel condenser coil;
  • protective coating of the capacitor coils, suitable for installation in aggressive environmental conditions;
  • metal mesh filters to protect the capacitor registers;
  • Soft starter for 20% reduction of the system starting current.


  • HE - basic sound configuration;
  • SHE - Quiet sound configuration;
  • SSN – Very quiet sound configuration;

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