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Econdition Kappa Sky

Air-cooled water chiller Kappa Sky Cooling capacity from 260 ÷ 1360 kW

Air-cooled water chiller Kappa Sky


Cooling capacity from 260 ÷ 1360 kW

The new generation of air-cooled chillers KAPPA SKY with speed-controlled screw compressors and variable compression ratio (Vi). The KAPPA SKY series is available in 4 performance levels (Xi, Si and Xh, Sh) and 3 sound emission levels (basic and versions LN and SLN). The Xi and Xh units are designed to provide the maximum seasonal efficiency. The Si and Sh models ensure optimal efficiency and great compactness. They are retrofit solutions with significant specifications regarding the transport and installation of the units.

The very large performance range and the extensive range of accessories mean that each device can be tailored to the respective customer needs.


The most important facts about the KAPPA SKY series

  • Cooling capacity from 260 ÷ 1360 kW
  • Speed-controlled screw compressors
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants R513A (GWP 573) or R1234ze (GWP 1)
  • High efficiency in the partial load range
  • High performance microchannel condenser for small amounts of refrigerant
  • ECODESIGN compliant (ErP 2021) TIER 2
  • Blue Think Systems & control
  • Integrated web server
  • FreeCooling systems (optional)
  • Wide range of applications for cold water temperatures from -8 °C to +23 °C


Device variants

The KAPPA SKY series is available with accessories for individual requirements:

  • FreeCooling systems
  • Multilogic system
  • Version for high outside temperatures
  • Built-in hydraulic module: 1 or 2 pumps (optionally speed-controlled)
  • Flowzer hydraulic management (optional)
  • Full (100%) or partial (20%) heat recovery
  • "Quiet" version
  • Super Quiet version

High performance solutions


High efficiency in the partial load range

Depending on the requirements, a combination of standard and speed-controlled screw compressors or exclusively speed-controlled screw compressors are installed in the various model versions. This means that partial load values ​​(SEER) of up to 4.94 can be achieved when cooling.


Advantage of variable Vi sliders, part load efficiencies (SEER)

With the screw compressors used, the internal compression ratio (Vi) is adjusted via a variable control for optimal full and partial load operation. This increases the seasonal efficiency by up to 25% in the part-load operation that occurs most frequently throughout the year.




Microchannel condenser

The use of aluminum microchannel heat exchangers reduces the overall weight, space requirements and, most significantly, the refrigerant charge of the unit.


Intelligent control

Blue Think® is the latest "Plug & Play" controller from BlueBox. The in-house “Systems & Control Team" developed the complete function and logic. A big advantage of the complete development of the software by BlueBox itself is the fast reaction to the needs of the market. In addition: The development of functions for system optimization, system integration and monitoring.


Know-How Article

Efficiency Guide for chillers and heat pumps

With its regulations, the ECODESIGN directive sets new, challenging standards for more efficient use of energy. This also applies to chillers and heat pumps in the European market.