MTA Deutschland GmbH

MTA Phoenix G Air-cooled Chiller

With semi-hermetic BITZER® screw compressors; Low GWP refrigerant R513A; nominal cooling capacity 261 – 1,908 kW

Chillers Phoenix G

The air-cooled chillers of the PHOENIX G series are equipped with tube bundle evaporators, electronic expansion valves, crankcase heaters and xDrive controllers as standard. Thanks to the "Smart Stepless" control, the cooling capacity can be precisely adjusted to the heat input into the system. The self-adaptive control continuously adapts the performance of the screw compressor to the requirements of the system.



  • Low GWP (Global Warming Potential) R513A refrigerant;
  • High seasonal SEER energy efficiency values;
  • Thanks to the unique MTA "smart-stepless" algorithm, the control adapts precisely to all operating conditions;
  • Very reliable and continuous operation thanks to up to 2 screw compressors and "smart-stepless" system;
  • Wide operating limits;
  • Extensive safety equipment including phase monitoring, pressure switch, crankcase heaters, compressor overload protection and oil level monitoring;
  • Can be optimally adapted to any system thanks to extensive accessories and kits.


Standard equipment

  • Refrigerant R513A
  • Highly efficient screw compressors with stepless control, optimized for refrigerant R513A;
  • Crankcase heater;
  • Air-cooled, transverse condensers in V-arrangement made of copper tubes and aluminum fins;
  • High efficiency axial fans with protective grille;
  • Electronic expansion valves;
  • Tube bundle evaporator, optimized for refrigerant R513A;
  • Victaulic connection kit standard;
  • Ventilated control cabinet with protection class IP54;
  • The xDrive controller is programmed with specially developed MTA software. It is characterized by particularly high computing power and a very user-friendly user interface. Connection options for Ethernet, USB, RS485 Modbus.



  • Version for low ambient temperatures down to -20°C;
  • Single pump with low or medium head;
  • Double pump with low head;
  • Storage tank;
  • Antifreeze heater for evaporator, pump(s) and tank;
  • High efficiency EC inverter fans (standard in SSN version);
  • Microchannel condenser coil;
  • Condenser coil with anti-corrosion coating;
  • Soft start;
  • Compressor housing (for HE version);
  • Full heat recovery;


Acoustic Configurations

  • HE - High energy efficiency, standard acoustic equipment;
  • SHE - High energy efficiency, quiet version.
  • SSN - standard energy efficiency, very quiet version;



  • Condenser filter mats
  • Anti-Vibration Kit;
  • Replicated remote control;
  • xWEB300D EVO surveillance system;
  • xDRIVE modular operation kit (master-slave 3 – 8 plants).

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