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MTA Taurus G water chillers

Air-cooled chillers with environmentally friendly refrigerant R454B (GWP 466); hermetic scroll compressors. Cooling capacities from 73 to 145 kW

Chillers - Taurus G

Air-cooled chillers with environmentally friendly refrigerant R454B (GWP 466); hermetic scroll compressors. Cooling capacities from 73 to 145 kW

TAURUS G chillers are equipped with plate evaporators, crankcase heaters, electronic expansion valves, phase monitoring and microprocessor controllers as standard. Equipment for operation down to -20 °C ambient temperature, P15 pumps, efficient EC fans with integrated speed control, tube bundle heat exchangers and storage tanks are optionally available.

Versions with up to 100 percent heat recovery or as a pure condenser unit complete the series.



  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R454B (GWP 466);
  • High SEER values ​​in accordance with the TIER 2 (01.01.2021) requirements of the ERP directive;
  • Quiet SHE and very quiet SSN version;
  • High energy efficiency in the full load range (EER);
  • Wide operating limits for operation in all conditions;
  • A wide range of accessories, options and kits for every requirement make installation easier;
  • Advanced digital microprocessor controller;
  • external surveillance systems;
  • Integrated systems for partial or total heat recovery;
  • Easy access to all components;
  • Each system is individually tested for correct function.


Standard equipment

  • Refrigerant R454B;
  • Hermetic scroll compressors in a refrigeration circuit;
  • Compressor crankcase heater and phase monitoring;
  • plate evaporator;
  • Axial fans with die-cast aluminum blades and AC motors;
  • control cabinet protection class IP54;
  • Parameterized microprocessor control C208CX;
  • electronic expansion valves;
  • Air-cooled condensers (copper tubes/aluminum fins) in elongated "V" configuration;
  • high and low pressure switch refrigerant;
  • refrigerant pressure gauge.





  • Option -20 °C: enables operation of the system down to -20 °C ambient temperature;
  • Highly efficient EC fans with integrated speed control;
  • shell and tube heat exchanger;
  • Pump options: P15, P2 pump, or dual pumps;
  • storage tank;
  • antifreeze heater heat exchanger and hydraulics;
  • Compressor inlet/outlet shut-off valves;
  • Total or partial heat recovery;
  • Hydraulic system protection with side panels or metal mesh;
  • Protection of the condensate register by filter mats or protective grilles;
  • Protective coating of the condenser register for installation situations in aggressive ambient air;
  • Soft start to reduce the starting current by up to 30%.



  • HE - basic sound configuration;
  • SHE - Quiet sound configuration;
  • SSN – Very quiet sound configuration;
  • condensing unit (MC)


Additional equipment

  • vibration damper
  • Remote control kit (LED or LCD configuration);
  • RS485 Modbus Kit for connection to supervisory systems;
  • xWEB300D EVO surveillance system;
  • Modularity kit (master-slave connection from 2 to 8 systems)
  • Expansion valve kit for condensing unit version