LU-VE high performance air cooler CDH

Double Sided Blowing High performance air cooler for cold rooms CDH

Two-way discharge High-performance air cooler for cold rooms CDH

SLIM Version – CD45H - Ø 450mm (4P) LOW Ventilation – CDH63H - Ø 630mm (6P) HIGH Capacity – CD64H - Ø 630mm (4P) Fin spacing : 4.5 mm – 6 mm – 7.5 mm – 10 mm 1 - 4 Fans 112 models from 8.6 - 125.1 kW


General properties

TURBOCOIL® heat exchanger The new Turbocoil® heat exchanger, with staggered tubes, in connection with the new Turbofin 3 fins, has an optimal ratio between fin and tube surface, this results in a very high transfer capacity.


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