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LU-VE special industrial air cooler

The industrial air coolers have various applications, such as: the correct freezing of food or the preservation of fresh fruit.

Special industrial air cooler

LU-VE has made great efforts in recent years to further develop the field of industrial chillers with the aim of strengthening its position in this important sector.

The industrial air coolers have different applications, such as: the right freezing of food or the preservation of fresh fruit. That is why it is important to adapt the products to the needs, which are very different from each other.

The LU-VE research and development team oriented its activities in two directions. The first direction aimed to define the evolution of heat exchanger geometry. Very efficient and with a low tube volume per kW. In the second direction, there were the requirements for a better understanding of the applications in order to determine the best design for each application.

The research and development of the new LU-VE industrial air coolers, based on the CFD calculation, has focused on different aspects. Modification of the thermo- and aerodynamics of the devices in relation to the heat output in the dry state, up to the icing of the heat exchangers.

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