thermofin Evaporators with double coil

space saving thanks to particularly flat design

Evaporators with double coil



mediumseries NH 3 TADN CO 2 TODL, TODN HFC / HFO TEDN glycol TGDN airflow blow-through, blowing out on both sides (option draw-through, blowing out downwards)



  • heating coil
  • defrosting: electrical, hot-gas, brine, water
  • double and insulated trays and
  • fan plates
  • legs (feet)
  • insulation end plates
  • tiltable fans
  • CIP system for cleaning
  • pre-wired fans
  • repair switches
  • heated tray to prevent the formation of condensate



cleaning and hygiene

  • tilting functions for fans and drip trays allow the easy access for cleaning inside of the units  

condensate water pump

  • condensation water is pumped in a higher drain which is not installed inside the cold room
  • no disturbing condensate line in ceiling area
  • easy cleaning of the cold room

optimized energy consumption

  • use of EC fans
  • highly efficient speed control
  • adjustment of air volume flow depending on cooling load