Goedhart ZFB (forced fans) and Goedhart ZFZ (suction fans) - ceiling mounted industrial air coolers for refrigeration and freezing applications. (HOT GALVANIZED STEEL)

The Goedhart ZFB/ZFZ series is part of our range of industrial air coolers. The advantage for you: A clear commitment to tailor-made customer solutions. Circuits tailored precisely to the application and the optimized heat exchanger geometry ensure a higher specific performance of the heat exchanger. This high-performance air cooler can be configured with both sucking and pushing airflow. As a result, the Goedhart ZFB/ZFZ can be designed flexibly and effectively for individual cooling requirements - especially for complex applications.The hot-dip galvanized steel tubes and steel fins of the finned heat exchanger are suitable for NH3, CO2 and refrigerants as cooling medium. All heat exchangers are pressure tested up to 40 bar and are supplied with a slight overpressure. The standard connections for the refrigerant are on the left side of the unit, viewed in the airflow direction.



  • High performance thanks to the application-specific design of the circuit
  • Easy to assemble thanks to delivery on a wooden crate
  • Long-term safety: high-efficiency fans that conform to ErP 2015
  • Variable air flow for all fan variants - pushing and sucking
  • Customization through numerous options and accessories
  • Higher specific output, reduced fan speed and air speed in the finned heat exchanger and significantly lower power consumption