14. September 2017

GWP (global warming potential) of refrigerants

Overview of the most commonly used refrigerants and its GWP

GWP (global warming potential), global warming potential of refrigerants

This value defines the relative global warming potential relative to CO2 . The abbreviation for this is CO2 e (e - for equivalent). The value describes the effect of mean heating over a certain period of time. In most cases, 100 years are considered.



The CO2 equivalent for R134a for a period of 100 years is 1430.

This means that one kilogram of R134a contributes 1430 times as much to the greenhouse effect as one kilogram of CO2 within the first 100 years after release .

 Or: The release of 1 kg R134a corresponds to 1430 kg CO2  !!!


The following table gives an overview of the most commonly used refrigerants and its GWP.