Kelvion cooling tower CMDR series

Polacel cooling towers with axial fans of the CMDR series are characterized by an optimal price-performance ratio.

The cooling towers of the CMDR series are characterized by an optimal price-performance ratio. This is achieved through the aerodynamic configuration with an axial fan on top of the cell. The fan is driven by a solid geared motor and high efficiency fan blades. The CMDR systems can be designed in modules up to 120 m². The cooling performance for your application is guaranteed. The noise exposure for your location is also calculated. The corrosion-free materials ensure sustainability and a long life cycle. Areas of application are the chemical industry as well as large HVAC projects. Small cells come pre-assembled; larger cells are set up directly on site. All complete cells can be lifted as a complete unit.


Choosing a cooling tower

When selecting a cooling tower, the four most important factors are water temperatures (hot entering and cold leaving), wet bulb temperature at the installation site, water requirements, and noise levels. After analyzing your requirements, we will propose the technically most suitable and economical solution. Polacel CMDR systems are available as standard solutions for every need from a water volume of 90 m³/h to be cooled. Our engineers can also customize the standard cooling towers to meet your specific needs. Thanks to a wide variety of heat exchange surfaces, filling bodies that form a water film or water droplets can be selected as required. The choice of heat exchange packing is made depending on the quality of the water to be cooled (clean or heavily polluted water), but also taking into account the specific environment and the process to be cooled. In all cases, chemical treatment of the cooling water is required. This is done by a suitably specialized provider based on the maximum concentration values ​​recommended by Kelvion.


Polacel CMDR = CTI STD-201 certified thermal performance

The thermal performance of Kelvion BV's Polacel CMDR cooling towers is certified according to the CTI STD-201 standard of the Cooling Technology Institute. The list of certified models can be found here: This certification gives our customers confidence that the cooling tower will achieve the required water temperature. This eliminates the need for costly on-site performance testing. Polacel CMDR cooling towers are equipped with geared motor driven axial fans. The geared motors are usually controlled by variable speed drives - this is how the Polacel CMDR cooling towers help to reduce the operating costs of the tower and thus of your entire system.



  • Thanks to the design, which has been tried and tested over many years, maintenance can be reduced to a minimum. At the same time, maximum efficiency is ensured by the
  • easy access to all internal components of the cooling tower.
  • The cooling towers can be delivered and erected by Kelvion within a very short time frame.
  • Optimized sizing allows Polacel CMC cooling towers to be shipped in two pre-assembled modules.
  • The Polacel CMC series cooling towers enjoy an excellent reputation for their high reliability and quality.