HITEMA s.r.l.

Hitema ENR.061 Chiller

Model ENR.061 Country NETHERLANDS Application AIR CONDITIONING Cooling capacity 61,95kW Evaporator inlet/outlet fluid temperature; Fluid type +14,5°C/+8°C; 40% ETHYLENE Glycol Refrigerant R410a Type of compressors COPELAND EMERSON SCROLL Ambient temperature +32°C Delivered in 4 weeks Brief description of the special unit Air cooled chiller designed for MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) application. This chiller has been designed with double refrigerant circuit, coaxial evaporator with stainless steel double tank, air cooled copper and stainless-steel condenser coil, EC fans and integrated process and stand by pump. This Unit has been specifically designed for its installation in aggressive atmospheres.