HITEMA s.r.l.

Hitema SBSF.145-R1234ze Chiller

Model SBSF.145-R1234ze Country FRANCE Application AIR CONDITIONING Cooling capacity 128kW Evaporator inlet/outlet fluid temperature; Fluid type +11°C/+5°C; Water Refrigerant R1234ze Type of compressors SCREW Ambient temperature +35°C Delivered in 5 weeks Brief description of the special unit Freecooling liquid chiller with low GWP refrigerant, screw compressor and shell and tube evaporator. Ambient temperature 100% free-cooling at 0,5°C. With this refrigerant there isn’t any limitation from F-GAS regulation, in fact it is a great ecological substitute of R134a with GWP close to 1, and atmospheric lifetime estimated in 18 days (much lower of the 13 years of R134). It offers a very wide range of working area and the management of its flammability is simplified because R1234ze is not combustible below 30°C and also over 30°C the conditions to burn are unlikely (is generally considered non-flammable for transport and storage). Finally this unit demonstrate an high efficiency because this refrigerant proves to be more efficient than classic R134a by at least 3% with the state-of-the-art technologies and shows great potentiality to improve in the years to come.