11. November 2017

R449A Refrigerant

R449A Refrigerant alternative for R404A and R22

R-449A is an HFO refrigerant (hydrofluoroolefin) and has been developed as a low GWP replacement refrigerant for R-404A, R-507A, R-407A / F and R-22 in new plants as well as for the retrofit of existing plant systems. R449A has a GWP of 1397 and allows energy savings of 8 to 12% over R-404A / R-507A. Compared to R-407A, R449A offers improved performance and cooling performance.

With its GWP value of more than 150, R449A is governed by the F-gas Regulation 517/2014. Thus, it is affected by the phase-down scenario provided for in the  F-Gas Regulation .


application areas

  1. Commercial refrigeration
  2. Commercial and industrial normal and deep-freeze systems
  3. Gastronomy (eg condensing units)
  4. Cold stores and warehouses
  5. ready to plug in devices
  6. supermarkets
  7. composite systems
  8. Single plants
  9. Cold rooms, preparation rooms, etc

refrigeration plant

  1. Direct expansion
  2. New installations / retrofit of existing systems 



  1. low global warming potential (reduction of 65% compared to R-404A / R-507A)
  2. 8 to 12% improved energy efficiency compared to R-404A / R-507A
  3. safe and non-flammable
  4. recommended by major component manufacturers
  5. Alternative to R-407 refrigerants for normal and deep freezing
  6. compatible with conventional system designs / lubricants
  7. higher efficiency compared to CO2
  8. extensively tested in practice, no equipment modifications or replacement of the lubricant or the seals necessary.
  9. easy refilling possible after leaks


Technical specifications

ASHRAE number


Composition in %

R32 24,3%, R125 24,7%, R1234yf 25,3%, R134 25,7%

molar mass

82.7 g / mol

Boiling point at 1 atm (101.3 kPa)

- 46.0 ° C

critical temperature

86 ° C

critical pressure

4447 kPa (abs)

Ozone depletion potential


Liquid density at 21.1 ° C

1113.3 Kg / m³

GWP (CO2 = 1,0)


ASHRAE safety class



ca. 4K



Burning rate at 23 ° C



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