General information about refrigeration
26. September 2023

The absolute zero

it can't get any colder!

The absolute zero is the assumed point of the lowest temperature. This point cannot be surpassed and is theoretically unattainable according to the third law of thermodynamics. At absolute zero, particles or molecules of a system have no internal energy and exhibit no movement.

In short, it can't get any colder!

This point was defined at 0 Kelvin, which corresponds to -273.15°C. In 2017, researcher Prof. Dr. Dominik Zumbühl at the University of Basel managed to cool a microchip down to 2.8 millikelvin.

An absolute record! 0.0028K, equivalent to -273.147°C.


Temperature scale °C / K


The absolute zero serves as a reference point for temperature units on the Kelvin scale and is an important concept in refrigeration technology for specifying temperature changes.

The Kelvin scale represents a ratio scale. In contrast, other temperature scales, such as the Celsius scale, are based on the arbitrarily defined zero point, which corresponds to the freezing point of water.