TH Witt Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH

Since 1896: Because experience counts

For more than 120 years, WITT, as an owner-managed family business, has been offering mature as well as tailor-made products and solutions for the refrigeration industry.

Unlike its competitors, WITT is not just a manufacturer of a single product group. We offer a wide range of components that are precisely tailored to your needs and that demonstrate high quality and reliability in operation.

This is guaranteed by our many years of experience and the high qualifications of our approx. 110 employees.


Leading supplier for industrial refrigeration

WITT is known worldwide as a proven and leading supplier of high-quality refrigerant pumps and high-pressure float controllers for warehousing. Likewise for tailor-made separator solutions, eg: sophisticated and compact units for refrigeration plant builders in the form of pump-separator or plate heat exchanger stations.

Well-thought-out design and tailor-made adaptation reduce installation time and reduce construction site costs for the refrigeration system manufacturer.


Save energy, protect the environment

At the forefront of our product development are always energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. That's why WITT has been using natural refrigerants like ammonia (NH 3 ) and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) since its foundation . These refrigerants offer our customers advantages both from an energetic and ecological point of view.

The use of natural refrigerants to protect the environment and sustainable management in refrigeration are of great importance to us. That's why we are actively involved in the following organizations and initiatives:


Present worldwide

WITT is represented almost everywhere in the world. To further expand our network , we are constantly looking for business partners to distribute our products. In the future, we want to maintain our leading role in industrial refrigeration.


Our location

We produce our refrigeration components exclusively on our modern production facilities in Aachen. Advice and service, design, production, storage - our factory is home to all necessary departments:

  • Production hall with machining production and assembly areas for series parts
  • Welding production hall with surfaces for customized fitting and piping work
  • Extensive warehouse for fast supply of high-quality serial parts and spare parts
  • Large parts warehouse for fast and faithful delivery of our pressure vessels
  • Test laboratory for product new and further developments
  • Administration building with all competences under one roof

Our location in the border triangle Belgium-Germany-Netherlands has always influenced us in Europe. An alignment beyond national borders is a matter of course for us.

TH Witt Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH

Lukasstraße 32
52070 Aachen

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TH Witt Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH

Lukasstraße 32
52070 Aachen

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TH Witt Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH

Lukasstraße 32
52070 Aachen