WITT BDP Oil recovery unit

Automatic oil return using hot gas.

BDP Oil recovery unit

Automatic oil return using hot gas.

The WITT BDP oil recovery unit is collecting the refrigerant oil before it is returned via hot gas back to the compressor. This way valuable refrigerant oil is re-used and remains in the refrigeration cycle.

Re-using the refrigerant oil eliminates the need to drain it manually, as such avoiding associated accidents. In addition the refrigerant oil recovery safes operating costs (maintenance, oil disposal, oil-refill) and protects the environment.

We offer with the BDP a proven, standardised solution. The housing is designed for up to 40 bar and can be opened for easy access.

The BDP includes as standard

  • a threaded connection G1 "for the refrigerant / oil inlet
  • a socket with internal thread ½ "to connect an oil sensor
  • a welding connection Ø 13 mm for hot gas
  • and a welding connection Ø 13 mm for the refrigerant / oil discharge including integrated non-return valve for differential pressures up to 3 bar (optionally also available for 1 bar differential pressure).


  • Shut-off valve EA32 / G1 "- I or II (steel) or EA40 / G 1" - I or II (stainless steel)
  • Thread cam G1 "(steel) or thread cam G1" - VA (stainless steel) (connection of external valve)
  • Non-return valve for differential pressure 1 bar (as replacement for the integrated standard check valve)
  • Adapter with gas compensation line (stainless steel), eg. B. for connection to a standpipe
  • WITT adjustment valve EE 3 or EE6
  • WITT heat exchanger DWR
  • WITT oil filter OF-G1 / 4 "
  • level sensor
  • Flow indicator

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