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WITT HRP High pressure CO2 refrigerant pump

High pressure CO2- refrigerant pump HRP 5050-90 | 8050-90


HRP up to 90 bar – high pressure CO2 refrigerant pump 

The F-gases phase-out is progressing and applications with the refrigerant R744 carbon dioxide ( CO2) are gaining more and more interest. Especially refrigeration plants up to 500kW performance require components that can withstand increased standstill pressures. When the system is at a standstill, the ambient temperature causes the pressure in the system to rise:

Depending on the achievable standstill temperature in the CO2 separator, the appropriate pressure stage must be selected. The previous standard pressure stage of PN 40 is often no longer sufficient.

If the pressure rises above the maximum of the components, only two choices remain: the refrigerant charge is blown off via the safety valve or an emergency cooling is switched on until the pressure in the system falls below the maximum pressure again.


Better use our new high-pressure refrigerant pump HRP-90

No emergency cooling or charge blow off is required for your CO2 systems during shutdown. We supply a CO2 pump series with standstill pressures up to 90 bar, which has been tested many times in the field, as a series product from stock.



  • Pressure resistant at standstill up to 90 bar
  • Refrigerant cooled
  • vertical, compact design
  • Hermetic design
  • Better venting at standstill due to the vertical design
  • Better cooling of the bearings