Wilo-Plavis 015-C

Condensate lifting system with electrode level switch

Special features/product benefits

  • Higher operational safety through built-in, visual and acoustic alarm and alarm contact (NC/NO)
  • Reliable level measurement via electrode level switch
  • Condensate neutralization thanks to the built-in granulate chamber
  • Easy installation thanks to Plug & Pump system with adjustable inlet and rotating cover
  • Quick and easy maintenance thanks to the removable maintenance cover and built-in non-return ball valve
  • Energy saving through low power consumption (≤20 W)
  • Perfect integration into the customer environment thanks to the compact, modern design and quiet operation (≤40 dBA)


The Wilo-Plavis 015-C impresses with its low power consumption, easy installation and quick maintenance. The plug-in version offers maximum operational safety with reliable level measurement, several alarm functions and condensate neutralization. Thanks to its compact construction, modern design and quiet operation, it integrates perfectly into the living environment of detached and semi-detached houses.


Automatic condensate lifting system



  • Condensing technology
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems (e.g. refrigerators and evaporators)



  • Electrical connection cable with plug (1.5 m, UK plug versions available)
  • Removable service cover for easy maintenance; built-in non-return ball valve
  • Alarm cable (1.5 m), alarm contact
  • Pressure hose (5 m, Ø 8)
  • Adjustable rubber guide on the inlet connection, Ø 2 to Ø 32
  • Granulate chamber incl. Ph neutralization granules

Scope of delivery

  • Condensate lifting system with electrode level switch
  • Reservoir, cover and service cover
  • 1.5 m electric cable
  • Hose on the pressure side (Ø 8 mm, 5 m)
  • Adjustable inlets (4x rubber guide Ø 2/32 mm)
  • Screws (Ø 4) and dowels (2x) for wall mounting
  • Granulate chamber incl. Ph neutralization granules
  • Installation and operating instructions


Type code


Wilo-Plavis 015-C-2G/GB


Waste water lifting station


Series number in the Plavis series


Series level (1 = entry level, 3 = standard, 5 = premium)


Application for condensate


2. Generations



[..] = EU plug GB = UK plug



  • Mains connection 1~ 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Performance: P1 < 20W
  • Media temperature from +5 °C to +60 °C
  • Ambient temperature from +5 °C to +40 °C
  • Protection class: IPX4
  • Condensate drain connection: Ø 8 mm to Ø 10 mm
  • Integrated inlet connection: Ø 18 mm to Ø 40 mm
  • Rubber guides on the inlet connection: Ø 2 mm to Ø 32 mm
  • Suitable for condensates with a pH value ≥ 2.5
  • Container volume: 1.6 l
  • Useful volume: 0.7 l
  • Time to empty bin*: 20 s
  • *for design operating point (3.2 m / 120 l/min) with 5 m outlet length



  • Container: ABS
  • Canister Lid: ABS
  • Backflow preventer: ABS
  • Pump module: PP and ABS

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