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Alfa Laval U-Turn

U-Turn is a liquid separator specifically designed for plate heat exchangers in ammonia applications.


Alfa Laval U-Turn is designed to use the best of Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger technology. The standalone U-Turn can be mounted on top of the compatible plate heat exchanger. It can cover ammonia capacities from 200 to 1400 kW at an evaporating temperature of 0 °C and from 50 to 500 kW at an evaporating temperature of -40 °C.

The module offers an effective and compact installation with fewer vertical heights and smaller overall dimensions than any other solution.

Key Features


  • Compact dimensions
  • Shorter height and length allow for on-site installation without disassembly
  • No additional support is required as the U-Turn separator is fully supported by the plate heat exchanger
  • Easy maintenance as both sides of the plate heat exchanger are fully accessible.
  • All ammonia connections are on the same side, which simplifies installation
  • Integrated oil drain
  • Stainless steel that ensures corrosion resistance and requires no surface treatment

Ready to install


For standard reasons, the U-Turn module will be delivered within a short time. It is a fully functional module from a single source and bears the CE stamp as well as PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) approval.


How it works

The U-Turn module opens a new chapter on vaporization. To find out why and how it works, please read the main features and watch our video at the bottom of the page

  • It ensures efficient separation - by using four different separation methods.
  • The short vertical ammonia driving columns enable small temperature approaches and high system efficiency.
  • The gliding support allows for thermal expansion so that there are no thermal stresses.
  • Significant oil pot volume in the standard version sufficient for manual emptying
  • Separation by drop size 0.15 mm
  • The cut-off is 25% plus a nominal diameter
  • Maximum separation gas velocity is limited to 60% of the re-entrainment velocity to avoid liquid being reintroduced into the gas stream.
  • Additional safety distance from 180 ° U-bend.


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