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04. March 2021

The refrigeration manufacturer

Mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology

The refrigeration system builder / mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology


compact refrigeration technology


Until 2010 it was still called “refrigeration system builder”, today the official name is “mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology”, we stay with the refrigeration system builder for the sake of simplicity.

The refrigeration system builder deals with the calculation, planning, assembly, maintenance and repair of simple to extremely complex refrigeration and air conditioning systems as well as heat pumps. A rough distinction is made here between the sectors of industrial refrigeration, catering and commercial refrigeration, as well as air conditioning and ventilation.


Cold is omnipresent

The fields of activity of a refrigeration system manufacturer are very diverse and comprehensive. Transport refrigeration, food processing, fishing, agriculture, bakery, meat processing and slaughterhouses, pharmaceutical industry, supermarkets, breweries, petrochemicals with the necessary cold stores and production lines can no longer be imagined today without skilled refrigeration system builders.

In addition to refrigeration technology, the air conditioning and air pollution control of hotels, offices, hospitals, data centers and manufacturing companies also fall within the remit of a refrigeration and air conditioning technician.

The future of heating technology is also under the star of the refrigeration system manufacturer in the form of heat pumps. Because a heat pump is a classic refrigeration system, you simply turn the air conditioning system upside down. The cold-generating part of the system is installed outside and the heat-generating part inside the building.

In the course of the Paris Climate Agreement, which came into force on November 4th, 2016, our future should get by without fossil fuels. What remains is electricity and thus refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps.



At this point we would like to correctly use the official designation “Mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology”. It is a recognized training occupation with an apprenticeship period of 3 ½ years and is offered in trade and industry. It is a dual training which means that the apprenticeship takes place within and outside the company. As a rule, the practical training takes place primarily at the customer's site.

The training is very varied and varied. A refrigeration system manufacturer is a pipe fitter, electrician, mechanical engineer and programmer in one. After the training you can concentrate on one or the other, depending on your personal affinity, the possibilities are almost endless.


The refrigeration system master

With the successfully passed journeyman's examination, nothing stands in the way of further training to become a refrigeration system builder. The advanced training can take place full-time, at evening school alongside work or alternating weekly blocks. Accordingly, the training lasts between 1-2 years. The master is more at home in the handicraft and thus in the actual implementation and creation of refrigeration systems than in industry, for example.

The foreman is responsible for the in-company training of the apprentices, organizes the pragmatic work processes and leads the specialists in day-to-day business.


The refrigeration technician

The technician also requires completed relevant training. Technician training usually takes place over a two-year course. Its main task is the planning and projecting of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. He calculates the costs for the necessary components and implementation through to completion. As a processor, he accompanies the execution on schedule and in accordance with the design. The development of new plants and systems is also part of the refrigeration technician's field of work.

The correct job title is: “State-certified refrigeration and air conditioning system technician”.


Refrigeration technology has been leading the shortage of skilled workers for years.

In addition to a very interesting and varied job, the refrigeration system manufacturer and his choice of profession are at the top of the list of skilled workers. It does not matter whether it concerns the practical application at the customer or the theoretical work in the office. The remuneration is also corresponding. Since refrigeration technology is very complex in its application, the relevant specialists are real experts in their sector. And experts are always paid very well.


For further and detailed information, we would like to refer you to the: Education atlas "Refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology". Here you will find all information about the respective training courses, schools and grants.





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