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HG (hermetic gas-cooled) range of semi-hermetic compressors offers suction gas-cooled compressors with the latest technology.

Our suction gas-cooled HG compressors and our air-cooled HA compressors offer a complete performance range of innovative, modern compressor technology with 2, 4, 6 and 8 cylinders. Suitable for all common coolants, including CO2. In the EX area,

HG (hermetic gas-cooled) range of semi-hermetic compressors offers suction gas-cooled compressors with the latest technology. These compressors of the highest quality standard impress with their smooth running, easy maintenance, efficiency and reliability. They are suitable as a standard for conventional or chlorine-free HFC refrigerants. The HA series (Hermetically Air-Cooled) is suitable for deep-freezing applications, especially in connection with the refrigerants R22 and R404A.

Single stage HG compressors

The HG series includes the latest classic suction gas-cooled compressor technologies. Efficient lubrication by an oil pump, the use of interchangeable electric motors and the extremely solid workmanship of these durable compressors are guaranteed.


HA single stage compressors

Special features:

  • Direct intake with external ventilation
  • Suction gas is fed directly into the compressor.
  • Motor is cooled by an integrated ventilation unit.

This leads to a reduction in the compressed gas temperature and thus to a wider range of applications, combined with an increase in performance (deep-freezing, R22, R404A). At the same time, the compressor is spatially separated from the engine, which is particularly advantageous in the event of engine damage.


HG CO2 compressor (subcritical)

Based on our current semi-hermetic range with its outstanding advantages and features, as well as a basic range developed from it and proven in field use for a long time, an extended, finely tuned compressor series is now available for use with CO2 in subcritical cascade systems. Particularly suitable for supermarket applications and industrial refrigeration systems.


HG CO2 compressors (transcritical)

Semi-hermetic transcritical CO2 compressors for R744 refrigerant. The compressors are ideal for use in transcritical CO2 applications.


HG HC compressor

In addition to CO2, hydrocarbons have proven to be another natural alternative for various applications, e.g. B. for refrigeration in supermarkets proven. Due to the combustibility of hydrocarbons, the compressor was modified in terms of safety.


HGZ two-stage compressors

Based on the HG7 6-cylinder compressor, a two-stage variant is available for extended use in deep-freezing. The chiller can be selected for three different refrigerants: R404A (R507), R410A and R22. Basically, this applies to the various expansion valve assemblies. For this reason, only one option (e.g. HGZ7/2110-4 R22) is given in the further descriptions.


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