Streamline® ACR Copper Press

Doubly safe ACR Copper Press fittings for cooling, refrigeration and heat pumps up to 48 bar

Streamline® ACR Copper Press Fittings are modern press fittings for numerous refrigeration and cooling applications (HVACR, VRV and VRF) up to 48 bar.

Double safety, unique design

The press fittings combine a variety of unique design features to offer the highest level of safety with easy and quick installation.

Not just one, but two sealing rings on each side of the fitting provide double safety for the connection. This, combined with their overall technical design results in 200 % more surface contact and seals the connection optimally. The precisely aligned distance between the sealing rings creates a trap zone that provides additional protection against leakage.

Why two seals?

Refrigerant molecules are difficult to trap due to their small size. That's why the team developed the industry's first DualSeal(TM) design. The second sealing ring and the space between the two rings serve as a secondary sealing mechanism. The precisely measured distance between the sealing rings creates a barrier zone that serves as another barrier to refrigerant molecules.

The result is an HVACR press-fit system with a degree of tightness unrivaled in the market. 

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Streamline® is a brand and registered trademark of Mueller Streamline Co. / Mueller Industries.