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SANHA GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading European manufacturers of piping systems for heating, sanitary and air-conditioning technology. The range of our family business, founded in Essen in 1964, includes around 8,300 products. These primarily include  fittings and pipes  made of copper and copper alloys (silicon bronze, gunmetal), stainless steel, carbon steel and composite materials, energy-efficient  wall heating modules  and practical  piping systems .

Our high-quality  pipes and fittings  are used throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and in a wide range of industrial applications, including shipbuilding.

With our  highly diversified product portfolio  made of different materials, SANHA, as a full-range supplier, is not only a partner to wholesalers and installers, but also acts as a supplier to major industrial companies. With a total of around 600 employees, we generate annual sales of around 100 million euros. 


Systematic piping

At SANHA we rely primarily on  system solutions . This is far more than a nice term, because pipes that have been tested, certified and approved in the system offer a whole range of practical advantages.

Whether a space-saving installation with zero spacing, tested fire protection with suitable fire protection collars or comfortable sound insulation values ​​for the highest demands on the respective building - all this is guaranteed with our pipelines. The systematic consideration begins with us in the planning phase: Here our experienced  planning service supports and advises you  with the pipe network calculation for drinking water, heating, solar, refrigeration, cooling and many other areas of application. We also accompany you in the construction phase, from the provision of loan tools to construction supervision. And of course, if the worst comes to the worst, we won't leave you on your own, we are our  warranty partner


Fitting quality from our own factories

Four of our own plants, including a pure stainless steel tube plant in Berlin and a stainless steel fitting plant in Schmiedefeld near Dresden, as well as several logistics locations serve the European target market. With an in-house production rate of over 70 percent, we ensure the consistently high quality of our piping systems. 

We achieve 95 percent of sales with internationally certified products and are the only supplier of press systems made of  lead-free silicon bronze CuSi  for drinking water installations.

With our depth of added value and actively lived internationality, our innovative strength and the high commitment of all employees, we have developed an extremely good starting position for further growth in the area of ​​our core competence "piping systems".


Customer proximity as a principle

The customer is at the center of our activities and our values. As a family company, we rely on active and long-term partnerships with retailers and processors as well as with associations, planners and industry. Thanks to more than 50 years of market experience, our own sales organizations and activities in over 40 markets worldwide and competent, customer-oriented departments such as our  planning service  or technical application advice, we ensure that all customers and partners are looked after particularly closely and personally.




For the practice

Our piping systems are designed for everyday practice. This is particularly evident in the innovative  combipress functionality  , which not only saves processors time and money, but also gives significantly greater security for professional processing. 

The intensive lecture and training program, which has been tried and tested for many years, is also very practical. From their own experience in processing companies and industry, our speakers and trainers know the needs of our market partners very well and can therefore always communicate "at eye level" - practical lectures instead of hours of reading standards and laws! 


RefHP - for the environmentally friendly CO2 alternative for cooling

CO2 has been increasingly used for cooling for several years. As a refrigerant, CO2 is significantly more environmentally friendly than fluorinated refrigerants; the ozone layer is not damaged. Refrigeration applications with CO2 are among the high-pressure applications and require particularly robust technical components. This also includes the pipes and connections. We at SANHA therefore already developed corresponding high-pressure fittings of the RefHP brand in 2017 and offer the most extensive portfolio with the recently introduced 2 5/8" dimension.

The connecting pieces between the pipes are made of a special copper-iron alloy. They can be used up to an operating pressure of 130 bar and minimum temperatures of -196 °C. Our fittings therefore meet even the strictest safety requirements. RefHP fittings can be brazed two to three times faster than welded stainless steel or brass connections. Our high-pressure fittings are also a good choice from an economic point of view, because the labor, training and ancillary costs for professional welding work and specialist staff are many times higher.

The capillary solder fittings (series 4000) are made of copper alloy CC499K. The SANHA capillary soldering fittings (5000 series) are made of copper (Cu-DHP, CW024A). Both meet all the requirements of DIN EN 1254 and are ideal for an operating pressure of up to 40 bar.


NiroTherm® – Corrosion-resistant stainless steel

The NiroTherm® piping system consists of press fittings and pipes (DIN EN 10312) made of stainless steel with the material number 1.4301 and black molded seals made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene rubber). The system - both the fittings and the pipes - is made of material no. 1.4301 manufactured.

For the processor, this means a real alternative to conventional materials (e.g. carbon steel) in closed systems such as cooling. Because with fittings and pipes made of stainless steel 1.4301, the lines do not have to be insulated against moisture so laboriously. The processor saves time and, as is well known, time is money. The different costs for the different materials are no longer significant.


Always a suitable solution

Our pipe and fitting systems are extremely universal and can be used in almost all applications: whether school or hospital, drinking water installation, heating or solar - that doesn't make us sweat. After all, we have all common materials such as stainless and carbon steel, copper, lead-free silicon bronze, brass and plastic in our range. It is very helpful and user-friendly that many products - in line with the system concept - can be combined with one another very variably. In this way, special requirements can also be met and particularly economical solutions can be implemented.

In addition: The entire SANHA range of system fittings and system pipes is of course available in all common diameters from d = 12 mm to d = 108 mm. With this and with the extensive range of accessories, all conceivable applications in domestic and industrial installations can be covered, as well as installations in sprinkler systems, right up to shipbuilding - put us to the test and contact your responsible sales representative or our technical application advice!


Technical application advice


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