03. August 2023

Cooling towers with hybrid cooling

Application in industrial refrigeration systems

What is hybrid cooling?

Hybrid cooling combines dry and evaporative cooling to produce cooling power and reduce water and energy consumption.

All over the world, we are all more aware of our water consumption, as drinking water is recognized as a crucial natural resource; the use of hybrid cooling solutions, where applicable, can dramatically reduce annual water consumption.


Application in cooling towers

In industrial refrigeration, evaporative coolers are used, which can run both wet and dry. Hybrid cooling distinguishes between two operating modes:

  1. Dry cooler with wet trim
  2. Wet cooler with dry trim


Dry cooler with wet trim


The method of choice for anyone whose top priority is the saving of water: the dry cooler with wet trim puts the dry cooling coil in series with the evaporative cooling tube bundle; The dry tube bundle is an integral part of the cooling system and should not be switched on or off alternately. Laminated tube bundles are located above the pressurized water distribution system, and alone are capable of transporting a significant portion of the cooling capacity. (Process) medium passes from the dry tube bundle into the wet tube bundle below the pressurized water distribution system, where, depending on the current unit load, is cooled by evaporative cooling or further dry cooling capacity. An additional advantage of this system is the significantly higher temperature of the transition to the bulb,


Wet cooler with dry trim


In a wet, dry-trim cooler, the unit is able to run simultaneously in wet and dry mode due to the separate spray sections above the tube bundles. The tube bundles can either be used for evaporation or dry cooling, not both at the same time. Depending on the power requirements, the device must either run completely in dry mode, 50% of the unit in wet mode or the entire unit in wet mode. The end result is a significant decrease in water consumption compared to pure evaporative cooling units.

EVAPCO is proud to offer this technology. Two hybrid solutions that are unmatched in the industry. EVAPCO has a primary focus on the development of sustainable products and technologies.