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Controlled Atmosphere Storage
The market price for fruit and vegetables is primarily determined by quality, supply and demand. But how do you maintain the best quality in your products until the most suitable moment? Simple: by opting for storage under Controlled Atmosphere (CA) conditions.
Precise media temperature control
Precision refrigeration and air conditioning are essential for many applications
Infinitely variable compressor capacity control
The combination of compressor and frequency converter for stepless speed control
mechanical cooling water regulator
Cooling water regulators are valves specially designed for water-cooled condensing units
condensing units Installation instructions
General information and practical tips for using Danfoss OptymaTM condensing units are given below. OptymaTM condensing units represent a complete range of units with hermetic Danfoss reciprocating compressors. The design of this series corresponds to the needs of the market. In general, to give an overview of the program, each subsection is divided into the different hermetic compressors mounted on the condensing units.

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