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Mobile air conditioning especially for frequently changing locations and harsh environmental conditions: The PT 6500 W




The design, functionality and performance features of this PortaTemp refrigeration unit are consistently geared towards use in frequently changing environments under harsh conditions - optimal prerequisites, for example, for the high mobility and quality requirements in daily rental use:

Thanks to robust transport rollers, the PT 6500 W air conditioner can be easily transported and, thanks to its compact dimensions, fits through every door and into every elevator. All operating and control displays are easily accessible and recessed for protection.

The PT 6500 W has a gas-controlled defroster unit for uninterrupted cooling operation. Once it has been set up at the destination, the cooling unit is ready for use in just a few minutes - thanks to the 230 V power supply it can also be used in all non-industrial areas.

The unique water cooling circuit of the PortaTemp W models, which allows the heat exchanger to be installed quickly and easily at a distance of up to 40 meters from the air conditioning unit, is also particularly advantageous for very quick and uncomplicated installations.

Once in operation, the PT 6500 W air conditioner can cool the temperatures of even large rooms down to 10 °C in a very short time, depending on the operating conditions, due to its high cooling capacity and large air output!

Quick installation of the connection lines The connection sets of the PortaTemp PT 6500 W air conditioning system have high-quality quick-release couplings for express installation of the water and energy lines between the heat exchanger and the air conditioning unit. In this way, connections up to a distance of 40 meters can be implemented quickly, easily and cleanly!


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