29. January 2021

Air Filters and Air Purification

The air harbors a multitude of different foreign substances, caused by natural processes

General information on air filters

Air filters are air treatment devices and components that are used to filter and separate particles and gaseous contaminants from the air. The atmospheric air is polluted by various substances of different particle sizes and different materials. The particles form a mixture. The diameter is between 0.01 and approx. 500 micrometers. For this large particle spectrum, different physical effects come into play for the separation. Gaseous impurities are separated out by chemical and / or physical sorption processes. The pollutants are thus bound to the sorption material. The natural air contains impurities in the concentration between 0.05 and 3.0 mg / m 3 .

In industry, air filters are used economically for concentrations up to approx. 20 mg / m 3 . The demarcation to dedusting technology is fluid. As a guideline, it can be said that in the case of dedusting technology, the impurities occur in concentrations of> 100 mg / m 3 up to a few g / m 3 .


Particle types and their size

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