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Universally applicable split air conditioning system with refrigerant-free connecting line




This robust refrigeration unit is the first choice for all applications that require an economical and user-friendly solution for temporary mobile refrigeration .

The PT 6500 S air conditioner, which was specially designed for rental use, is equipped with stable transport rollers and has an extra-slim design so that it easily fits into any elevator and can also be maneuvered through very narrow doors.

The PT 6500 S can then be installed and commissioned on site in just a few minutes. A specialist company is not required for this, because the device works with a 230 V standard power supply and has special hose lines for connecting to the external heat exchanger:

Connection set PT S These 10 meter long pipe sections are simply plugged together using a quick-release coupling and can be connected up to a length of 30 meters so that even remote and windowless rooms can be cooled.

The heat is dissipated from the inner part to the external heat exchanger via a hose line. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, it only contains glycol-added water as a cooling medium, the filling level of which can be regulated via a storage tank integrated in the air conditioning unit for easy maintenance.

Thanks to this technology, the PT 6500 S can also be used wherever the waste heat of a monoblock air conditioning unit cannot be dissipated directly. Thanks to the fan that can be regulated in three stages and the standard automatic air conditioning, the optimum room temperature can be achieved for every cooling requirement - even down to 10 °C, depending on the operating conditions.

With its high air flow rate, the PT 6500 S split air conditioner is ideal for universal air conditioning of up to 130 cubic meters of factory facilities, trade fair and catering areas, office floors, basements or underground car parks.


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