Secop DLE, NLE / NLY and SCE

New R290 compressor range - tailored for light commercial applications

Energy-optimized propane compressors


Secop expands its successful R290 compressor program with a new generation of propane compressors for LBP and MBP applications such as bottle coolers, ice cream cabinets and commercial refrigerators. The first types were suitable for the European, Asian and all other markets with 220 V to 240 V / 50 Hz. Compressors for 115 V to 127 V / 60 Hz have also been available since July 2015.

The new DLE, NLE / NLY and SCE compressors are tailored for commercial use and can replace products made for high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants such as R404A and R134a. With optional running capacitors, the efficiency can be further increased if required.

With these compressors, Secop meets the increasing market demand for highly efficient and natural refrigerants with a very low GWP.

Due to their extraordinary versatility and reliability, Secop's new energy-optimized propane compressors achieve maximum performance for a wide range of cooling / freezing applications. Secop's ingenuity goes beyond improving technical aspects and performance. The flexibility of this new line not only simplifies planning, but also simplifies demand forecasting and supply management by streamlining and shortening the ordering process to just one compressor.

A GWP of three is achievable with our powerful, efficient R290 DLE-CN, NLE/NLY-CN and SCE-MNX compressors designed for LBP/MBP applications such as bottle coolers, commercial freezers, food retail and ice cream shops, etc. These compressors mean an enormous leap in efficiency for Secop's propane compressor technology.

Now switch R404A and R134a systems to eco-friendly R290 and save additional costs by using smaller compressor platforms that offer unique opportunities in your market.

On March 25, the China Refrigeration 2017 Organizing Committee announced that Secop's SCE21MNX won the 2017 Innovation Award.


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